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And This Is Important: Be Fun

This roommate ad for near Kendall Square reminds everyone that Craigslist is as much as an apartment exchange as a place to meet new and exciting people. People who want to have fun. Fun, fun, fun.

[W]e're looking to refill it with someone who can become our new friend and roommate. Are you an interesting person who uses an apartment for more than just a storage place for things / bodies? Do you want to join us as we build stuff, draw stuff, play stuff, cook stuff, and otherwise do stuff? Reply right away, as we'd like to get everything sorted in the next few days! IMPORTANT: Be sure to tell us why you're the most fun person we haven't yet met! Generic responses will probably get ignored.

The rent's $700 for a 132-square-foot bedroom and all that goddamn fun.
· Our Renters Week 2013 archive [Curbed Boston]

Kendall Square

Kendall Square, Cambridge, MA