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Three Luxury Boston Apartment Buildings Offering Freebies

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On Wednesday, Boston real estate agent David Bates dropped the news in his column on the Hub's real-time vacancy rates that some luxury landlords were beginning to again offer concessions to tenants, a sure sign that perhaps—just perhaps—the steady post-Great Recession rise of the region's rents had crested. Well, at least three luxury complexes, all in Boston proper, are offering major concessions right now.

One Back Bay: The luxury tower is waiving security deposits if tenants enroll in the developer's automatic withdrawal program and elect to have their rent debited from their directly from their bank accounts. That's a savings equal to at least one month's rent in a building where available apartments range from $3,195 for a studio to $7,095 for a 2-BR, 2-BA.
Gatehouse 75: The hipstoric Charlestown complex is offering up to one month free on select 2-BR apartments. Said apartments start at around $3,200.
Eleven West Broadway: The game-change-y Southie building (pictured) is offering a free month's rent for all move-ins through Feb. 1. Available apartments currently range from $2,850 to $4,375. We're talking serious cabbage.
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11 West Broadway

11 West Broadway, Boston, MA