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Meet Bartlett Place, Roxbury's One-Time Would-Be Walmart

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Yup, time was the old Bartlett Bus Yard in off Washington Street was to be the site of the behemoth retailer. Such an idea, however, never caught on with the Boston powers that be, including Mayor Tom Menino, and it died on the vine. In its place arose a plan for a mixed-use development, including hundreds of apartments. That development, dubbed Bartlett Place, took a big step forward this week.

The Boston Redevelopment Authority O.K.'d the development in September, and this week the Boston Zoning Commission O.K.'d it as well. What's going up? More than 320 residential units, including 129 market-rate apartments. There will also be retail and offices, all spread amongst five buildings on the 8.6-acre site. Stay tuned.
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