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Smoking Ban in Boston Parks; Development Deal in Cambridge

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KENDALL SQUARE—Marc Levy does not hold back re: the new apartment tower slated for Ames Street: "Kendall Square's rooftop garden may be smaller, but at least your great-grandchildren will be able to appreciate what's left of it – and all because a company worth nearly $2 billion in revenue last year wants $1 million in help from the Cambridge Redevelopment Authority." [Day]
BOSTON—The city's nearing a ban on smoking in public parks: "[T]he City Council voted in favor of the ban, which would force those who break the law to cough up $250 in fines every time they are caught lighting up where they are not supposed to. ... Once approved by Menino, and officials from the Parks Department, anyone caught smoking cigars, cigarettes, pipes, or 'other lighted or vaporized substances,' in places operated and controlled by the city, would be subject to the hefty fines." [Daily]

Kendall Square

Kendall Square, Cambridge, MA