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Contender at Suffolk Downs; Definition for 'Philadelphia Style'

REVERE—Wanna bet? "Mohegan Sun, the Connecticut gambling giant that lost a casino referendum in Palmer earlier this month, has emerged as a contender to join a Suffolk Downs casino bid in Revere, according to Revere Mayor Dan Rizzo." The mayor says a deal could come sooner than you think, too. []
HUB-WIDE—Another reader weighs in on what "Philadelphia-style" might mean in the Hub: "Besides the other things the tipster mentioned, the other key element of a Philly style was originally that the first floor apartment had a room on the second floor. I know when I lived in Somerville in the 80's, though, as more of these were becoming non-owner occupied rentals, often the room would get 'reclaimed' back to the upper apartment, leaving a staircase to nowhere on the first floor. Who knows what happened to those when they went condo. I can't recall a 3 family Philly style house, however some of the Philly style 2 families were old, and really big - the 3rd floor bedrooms would be massive. So I'm guessing that a 3 family Philly style condo is one of those big houses, with the 'reclaimed' room, and the upper apartment getting broken up to be two single floor condo units." [Curbed Boston]

Suffolk Downs

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