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One Greenway, Née Parcel 24, Gets Going

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Construction has started on the 312-unit first phase of One Greenway in Chinatown (time to update our rental-development mega-map!). One Greenway's North Building is expected to reach 21 stories and contain 217 market-rate apartments, a 135-spot garage and one-third of an acre of new open space accessible to the general public.

As co-developers New Boston Fund and Asian Community Development Corporation put it in earlier release about the project: "One Greenway will provide much needed housing while restoring the fabric of the neighborhood that existed on Hudson Street more than 50 years ago." Parcel 24, the site of One Greenway, had, in fact, been home to hundreds of residents before it was seized for highway construction in 1962.

One Greenway's second phase, the South Building, with its 50 affordable condos, is coming "later," according to the developer. Stay tuned.
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