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$250K Back Bay Parking; Boston City Hall Exhibit; More!

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SOUTH BOSTON—Ever wonder what it takes to rehab a building into a new set of apartments? Yeah? Check out the above time-lapse video of the five-month redo at the six-unit 180-182 Gold Street. [BKNC Development; Abacus Builders]
DOWNTOWN—A Boston Society of Architects exhibit looks at the sexiest City Hall on Earth. []
BACK BAY—Holy god, another epic auction for Boston parking, this time with the minimum bidding starting at a quarter-mill: "The tandem spots, located at the rear of 132 Commonwealth Avenue, are accessible from Clarendon and Dartmouth streets. By describing the spots as 'tandem,' the seller is indicating that one is behind the other, so the car in the rear is not free to move without the cooperation of the other operator." Such is often the way in Boston parking. [Biz Journal]