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Boston's Short-Lived Plan B For a Casino

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As East Boston goes to the polls today to vote a Suffolk Downs casino-resort up or down, let's take a minute to look back on what was, however briefly, the other proposed casino site in Boston.

Yes, last fall a casino was floated for the long-delayed tower atop South Station. While lead developer Hines out of Houston never cottoned to the idea of a casino at the tower, which they've had the O.K. for since 2006, politicians, including Boston Mayor Tom Menino, a big backer now of the Suffolk Downs casino, said, sure, what the heck. The casino idea was quickly tabled, however, as Suffolk Downs partnered with squeaky clean gaming concern Caesars.

Hines' 1.87 million-square-foot tower, casino aside, may yet rise if the Boston condo market cooperates. Which it probably will.
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