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Lovejoy Wharf Details Leave Out One Thing

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Here are new renderings of Lovejoy Wharf, the waterfront project due to connect the North End, the West End and the Charles River Esplanade (oh my!). It comes courtesy of the Architectural Team, which is serving as urban planner and architect. The firm enthuses about Lovejoy Wharf's 187,000-square-foot Converse HQ; its offices, ground-floor shops and 300-seat restaurant; and its new open spaces, including floating docks and a visitor's center. It leaves something out, though, of the grand scheme of Lovejoy Wharf.

Not mentioned by the project's architect is that boon and bane of downtown Boston: parking. Indeed, developers Beal and Related have pitched the idea of a New York-style development with no on-site parking for those who will buy the 175 condos also slated for Lovejoy Wharf. The pitch set off a kerfuffle in September, with the developers positing that no one needs a car when they live smack-dab in the middle of a public-transit-, bike- and pedestrian-friendly city and others questioning whether luxury condo owners would, indeed, eschew their Porsches for the T. The city is still considering the idea; it didn't quite work out the last time around.
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160 North Washington Street

160 North Washington Street, Boston, MA

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131 Beverly , Boston, MA