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Mass. Listing Prices; Commuter Rail Ridership; More!

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HUB-WIDE—More and more suburbanites are hopping off the commuter rail: "The troubling trend line has transit advocates worried. Most of them say deteriorating service is to blame for the downturn in ridership, while others speculate that commuter traffic is down because more and more suburbanites are exchanging their green lawns and picket fences for urban living." [CommonWealth]
BEYOND THE HUB—Our pisan site has an interview with Remodelista editor and recently minted author (and New England native) Julie Carlson: "I miss New England architecture a lot. In the book we've got three projects from New England. Two of them are childhood friends of mine; I really wanted to get that New England sensibility in the book." [Racked Boston]
HUB-WIDE—Wondering how listing prices compare throughout the region, throughout the commonwealth? Wonder no more with this handy list! [Coldwell Banker]