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Meet Allston Square!

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The big mixed-use development at Barry's Corner in Harvard's Allston footprint has been a ton of time coming. It finally got its last O.K., along with the rest of the university's 1.4 million-square-foot plan, in mid-October, having endured tweaks, community opposition and the general malaise that set in upon development plans in general during the Great Recession. Friday afternoon it breaks ground.

The 350,000-square-foot development will include 325 apartments as well as 45,000 square feet of retail and a parking garage fit for 225 cars, all in properties standing between six and nine stories and surrounded by fresh outdoor space at Western Avenue and North Harvard Street.

That's where the new name comes in. A group wants the intersection—and, effectively, the whole shebang—renamed Allston Square. The newly formed Allston Square Association puts it thus, according to's Matt Rocheleau:

We would very much like to have you sign the petition to name this new retail and residential commons Allston Square after the great painter Washington Allston, who gave our community its name instead of 'Barry's Corner' named after no one. However, to honor the good folks who lost their homes 45 years ago when the BRA and the City bulldozed their little community and built the Charlesview Apartments, we would like to name the Grove, which stands on the very spot where their homes once stood, Barry's Corner Memorial Grove, in their memory.

No word yet on whether the city, Harvard or developer Samuel & Associates (they of so many things about town) were game for the name-change. For now, it's the Barry's Corner Retail and Residential Commons. And it's here.
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