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Airport Dining Guide; Offal Map; Kish at Menton; More!

Now, a bite of news from Eater Boston.

KENDALL SQUARE—The newest brick-and-mortar location of Clover opened this week, right near the very first truck. Like the fairly new Burlington location, Kendall will serve as a test kitchen for the company, trying out new dishes and ideas. Take a look at the space.

HUB-WIDE—Traveling through Logan this holiday season? Good luck. Here's an airport dining guide to help you at least find something reasonable to eat (and drink) while you're waiting for your delayed flight.
FORT POINT—After Kristen Kish won Top Chef: Seattle early this year, she was swiftly promoted from chef de cuisine at Stir, a demo kitchen in the Barbara Lynch Gruppo, to chef de cuisine at Menton. She chatted with Eater about how her first few months in the position have gone.
HUB-WIDE—Here's an offal map of area restaurants that serve up organ meat in interesting ways. Try the foie gras creme brulee at T.W. Food, for example, or the duck heart spiedini at Giulia.