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Downtown Crossing's Fox; Marketing Boston; More!

DOWNTOWN CROSSING—The 14 apartments at the Fox Residences are renting from $2,650 to $5,600, part of a slew of boutique apartment and condo buildings about town. [Herald]
BOSTON—Sell the sizzle, baby, not just the steak: "We tend to rest on our laurels, assuming the world is lining up to see the Paul Revere House and stop by Cheers for a pint. As iconic as those places may be, they can't replace the value created by a sustained marketing effort that highlights the full range of Boson's attractions, and especially when every other city is doing so." [Globe]
CAMBRIDGE—Meet the Net Zero Task Force, charged with helping make the People's Republic the first U.S. city to require larger-scale developments to be carbon-neutral. [City of Cambridge]