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Kendall Square May Get That 22-Story Tower Now

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A procedural move by the Cambridge City Council might mean the third time's the charm for Boston Properties' big apartment tower in Kendall Square. The 200,000-square-foot, 22-story tower is slated to go up at the intersection of Broadway, Ames Street and Main Street. Three times now the developer has said it's going through with the tower; in the past it's met with community opposition to its size and scope (big shock) and just recently it met with a spot of council skittishness over selling 8,556 square feet of Ames sidewalk for $2 million.
The council member who called for a do-over on the sale approval withdrew her request, however, and the deal appears to be a done one, clearing the last hurdle for Boston Properties to start building. Whether that means building will start remains to be seen. Plans for more housing through a deal with the developer go back to at least 2001, and things, including the location of the tower, have changed amid wider plans for Google's expansion in the area. That expansion has taken its own sweet time. The rendering you see above, in fact, may or may not represent the final design, though it's the latest out there. Stay tuned.
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Kendall Square

Kendall Square, Cambridge, MA