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Somerville Legoland; Chinatown Mystery Sale; More!

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SOMERVILLE—On it. "Legoland is looking to hire a 'Master Model Builder' to snap together the intricate displays and attractions at the company's new location opening up in Somerville in May." [Daily]
REVERE—Wynn presumably knew the rules going in: "The head of Mohegan Sun, competing with Vegas magnate Steve Wynn for the sole Greater Boston casino license, told the Herald he thinks the state's gaming law is just fine — showing a sharp distinction from Wynn's view that the Bay State's gaming law needs changes before it is conducive to successful casinos." [Herald]
CHINATOWN—The apartment building at 213 Harrison Avenue has traded for $900,000 and a reader wants to know: "Can any of your real estate gurus explain what is going on. Other properties in the area are also going for a lot of $$ as well." Well, gurus? Email the always discreet Curbed Boston Tipline.

Suffolk Downs

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