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T Ridership Record; Dorchester vs. France; Revere Casino

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HUB-WIDE—And no delays at all ever anywhere: "Average daily ridership for October increased by 4.3% over the same month last year, and totaled 1.382 million passenger trips per weekday. As with the month overall, this is the highest weekday ridership recorded since the MBTA was created in 1964..." [Hub]
DORCHESTER—Mon dieu! We don't know how we missed this pre-Thanksgiving: "The students, all Francophiles who study French, were miffed by language on the website of France's foreign ministry that warned visitors to Boston to avoid walking at night in Dorchester, Roxbury, and Mattapan. They came to demand that the language be removed and to invite the consul general to visit their school to appreciate the finer parts of Dorchester." [Globe]
REVERE—How might Mohegan Sun's idea compare to Caesars' at Suffolk Downs? "The available land drops considerably, but Etess says a $1 billion casino project, with at least two hotels, can still be situated comfortably on the 42-acre section that Mohegan is eyeing in Revere..." [Biz Journal]