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2013's Big Boston Groundbreakings; New Southie Development

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BOSTON—'Twas a big year for groundbreakings in the city, not least of which: the Millennium Tower in Downtown Crossing. Here's a slideshow of that and others. [Biz Journal]
HUB-WIDE—Congratulations to us all: "As 2013 ends, we are within striking distance of pretty big real estate landmark. By the end of 2014, if not before, Greater Boston will have recovered all the real estate value that vanished when the bubble burst and Great Recession hit." [Real Estate Now]
SOUTH BOSTON—It was just approved by the city's zoning board: "Proposed by South Boston-based developer Gregg Donovan, plans call for razing the existing one-story structure at 301-305 West Broadway and constructing a four-story building for ground floor restaurant space and nine residential units. The units will be divided between six two-bedroom residences and three three-bedroom residences." []

Millennium Tower

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