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Southie and Eastie Climb Into a Steel Cage...

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Bring it. 'Tis the second round of the annual Curbed Boston Cup, the first match-up of which pits last year's Hub Neighborhood of the Year South Boston against perennial favorite East Boston. Two go in for the next 24 hours, only one emerges the winner, ready for the Final Four. Below are the vitals on each. Vote!

South Boston is perhaps the region's changing-est neighborhood, what with myriad new developments, including the above 11 West Broadway (with the first non-waterfront Starbucks in the neighborhood!) and all the building along D Street. There's also the busy, busy Seaport District, and who could forget the tech-y Innovation District? And! The micro-apartments/innovation units. Those, too.
East Boston's 2013 might be summed up in three words: casino, casino, casino. Indeed, the heated debated over whether to build a gambling palace at Suffolk Downs swept the neighborhood, ending (or so it seemed) in a resounding No vote in early November amid the collapse of the plan put forth by would-be operator Caesars. There was also sizable new development in the neighborhood, too, including the big-time Portside at Pier One (rendered), part of the re-galvanizing of Eastie's waterfront.

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Suffolk Downs

525 William F McClellan Highway, , MA 02128 (617) 568-3216 Visit Website

Innovation District

1 Marina Park Drive, Boston, MA 02101

11 West Broadway

11 West Broadway, Boston, MA