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It's JP vs. Beacon Hill in Suddenly Wide-Open Field

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It will be tough to top Monday's upset win by East Boston over defending Curbed Boston Cup champ South Boston, but here we go: The next match-up in the Elite Eight pits No. 6 Jamaica Plain against No. 3 Beacon Hill. To the polls!

Jamaica Plain has had quite the 2013 development- and sales-wise. One nugget, courtesy of our David Bates in September: The neighborhood had only one sale in the $700K to $799K range in the first eight and a half months of 2012; through the same period in 2013, it had 13. Now, developments! There was the ribbon-cutting just recently for 225 Centre Street, the first piece in the 14-property Jackson Square puzzle. There was also the ruthlessly transit-friendly Commons at Forest Hills (rendered), which will add hundreds of apartments to an area already seeing a fair amount of residential development. And there was, of course, all the rigamarole on South Huntington Avenue, some of which carried over from 2012. Remember that year?

Oh, Beacon Hill! Land of titanic deals, like the ones for 36 Lime Street (finally!) and 78 Beacon Street and, well, we could go on and on re: big Beacon Hill deals (and price-chops for that matter, which tended to be on the big side as well). There wasn't much new development, of course, because new development is not the neighborhood's thing, as evidenced by the brouhaha surrounding the renovation of the 148-year-old townhouse at 124 Chestnut Street (pictured). Yeah, real kerfuffle that.

Poll results

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36 Lime Street

36 Lime Street, Boston, MA