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Vintage Beach House Style; Outer Cape Showdown; More!

Check out the latest from the sunniest blog in New England, Curbed Cape Cod.

CAPE & ISLANDS—Barring some unforeseen vote rigging, the finalists for Curbed Cup 2012 2013 will be exactly the same as last year: Provincetown and Wellfleet. The Outer Cape showdown kicks off on Monday - may the odds be ever in your (town's) favor!
CAPE COD—The latest in strange, weird and terrible listing photos: Mickey + Minnie in the master bath, oldsters on the tennis court and then some!
CENTERVILLE—We're off to C-Ville for our weekly asking price guessing game (above). This 1920s waterfront beach house has been given a full nip + tuck and decorated with "coastal style" (plus a whole lotta vintage-looking signs). Any idea how much the 5-BR with a dock might be asking? This way to play!