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Friends of Eater Recap the Year; Cheap Snacks; More!

Time for a bite of restaurant news with Eater Boston.

HUB-WIDE—As is the year-end tradition, friends of Eater (including writers, bloggers, and readers) have been answering a number of questions about the year in food. So far: their restaurant standbys and the top newcomers of 2013.
HARVARD SQUARE—The new Shake Shack quietly opened over the weekend, but it's only serving dessert — concrete, shakes, etc. — until the new year. A grand opening will be held in early January.
HUB-WIDE—Here's the year in Eater interviews, a round-up of the most-read interview of each month of 2013. Highlights include jm Curley opening chef Sam Monsour on moving on to new adventures, Chicago-based renowned chef Grant Achatz on what he likes about Boston, and comedian Rob Delaney on the tragic demise of Brigham's.
HUB-WIDE—Take a break from holiday spending by consulting this map of 12 worthy snacks around town that cost $5 or less.