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Logan Growth; East Boston Prices; Boston Condos 2014

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BOSTON—It's all part of the world-class city thing: "In the past, overseas routes out of Logan have been leisure-oriented, concentrated in the Caribbean or Europe. But the new flights focus on the needs of businesses, from major financial institutions to small technology firms, which increasingly work with customers and suppliers around the globe." [Globe]
EAST BOSTON—A reader wants to know if anyone else is noticing this. Contact the always-discreet Curbed Boston Tipline if so: "Over the past six months, it seems that the homes being put up for sale in East Boston are being priced higher and higher, and homes in good condition are selling quickly. For example, a house on Brooks Street recently sold for over asking (asked $300K, sold for $305K, and in only a couple of weeks). Other homes in the Central Square area/Paris Street/Eagle Hill area also seem to be selling quickly." [Curbed Boston]
BOSTON—Home-hunters, take note: "It was a year for sellers rather than buyers, as condo inventory in Boston shrunk to lows not seen since the 1990s, keeping prices high and bringing bidding wars back to the table. And the seller's market will continue into next year because many condos now in the pipeline won't be ready for another year or two." [Herald]