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One Way to Sell a Beacon Hill Townhouse: Free Parking

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Back in the warm ways of April, the 6-BR, 6-BA, 5,342-square-foot townhouse at 44a Chestnut Street chopped its asking price by a cool $245K. It had hit the market in September 2012 for $4,995,000, promising not only tall French doors but "one of the most luscious gardens in Boston." Its price then dwindled further in October, though the promise of scrumptious greenery remained in the Coldwell Banker listing.

To perhaps sweeten the pot on the long-listed townhouse, a new guarantee has been added to the listing: "INCLUDED IN SALE - 2 years paid full-time parking in the Boston Common Garage from date of closing." Bring it. In Boston these days, such a promise, however temporary, is gold, Jerry, gold! Forty-four-a Chestnut currently awaits at $4,495,000.
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