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More Proof 'Over-Ask' Is Hub's Real Estate Word of the Year

The proof comes from East Arlington via an email to the ever-discreet Curbed Boston Tipline. A reader who paid $30,000 over the asking price for a condo on Chandler Street notes that another one nearby went for a lot more beyond the tag than that.

Per our tipster:

After buying our property, a wonderful lakeview condo [46-48 Pond Lane, Unit 2, Arlington] came on the market for 579,000, despite having no basement, and only one parking spot (outdoors on a make-shift parking place). There was no place to so much as store a baby stroller in this place, but man... the views and location were amazing. I just read that it officially went for $640,000 (or 61 over-ask).

That is indeed the closing price, according to public records. Incidentally, the condo last sold as recently as December 2009 for $487,500. Happy New Year, we'll get the scotch.
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