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Central Square Revamp; Revere Casino; Roxbury Urban Farms

CENTRAL SQUARE—It has been a while: "As building proposals in Cambridge go, Ten Essex Street isn't that big a deal, but it had officials and concerned citizens in a minor uproar Monday. It even elicited a vague timeline for the Central Square zoning guidelines, which have been missing in action since at least July." [Day]
REVERE—Last month's vote in Eastie notwithstanding: "Gaming Commission Chairman Stephen P. Crosby signaled yesterday he's ready to greenlight a proposed Mohegan Sun casino at Suffolk Downs in Revere, where the Planning Board last night unanimously voted in favor of a zoning amendment to allow gambling facilities." [Herald]
ROXBURY—Right now the lots just seem to grow garbage: "Representatives from the Department of Neighborhood Development, which oversees the properties, were in Roxbury Monday night to discuss the vacant lots at 225 and 227 Harold Street and to see if residents would be supportive of them being turned into urban farms." []

Central Square

Central Square, , MA 02139