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1271 Boylston Joining Fenway Development Party

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'Tis no secret that many developments are afoot in Fenway. Add another one: Plans are moving forward for something on the site of the aged Howard Johnson at 1271 Boylston Street.

Bob Sage, the owner who opened the hotel in 1959 as the Fenway Motor Lodge (rooms went for $10.50 a night and you might bump into Connie Francis or Tony Bennett), is expected to finalize a sale of 1271 Boylston to developers Steve Samuels and Adam Weiner before the end of the year. Together the pair are behind such proposed and completed Fenway developments as the Trilogy, Fenway Triangle, the Point and the redone Landmark Center.

It's not entirely clear what Messrs. Samuels and Weiner might plunk in place of the Howard Johnson, though Casey Ross of The Globe reports they'll be out with details in the new year. The developers have floated the idea of a 350,000-square-foot building with residences. And hotel rooms.
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Landmark Center

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