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Boston Happens to 40 Trinity Place

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The new development 40 Trinity Place is supposed to plunk 227 hotel rooms and 115 condosnot to mention a two-level lobby starting on the 18th floor—in a 33-story glass tower next to the John Hancock.

It now looks like the development will be delayed, at least a bit, as the Boston Redevelopment Authority has yanked the proposal for the 400-foot tower from its latest agenda. Its would-be developer says the likely BRA vote was not advertised enough in advance, an oversight that could feed discontent toward 40 Trinity. And you know the discontent: It's too tall, dense, yada yada. Per Casey Ross in The Globe:

"The size of the building they have proposed is so over the top," said Tom Iannotti, a condo owner at the neighboring Clarendon Residences. "The developer and the BRA are so determined to rush the project that they are not taking the time to look at the implications." He and others have raised concerns that construction of such a tall building on the site would add to high winds in the area and make traffic congestion even worse.

Note that 40 Trinity's design has already been tweaked once to make it "wind-neutral." It's not clear when the BRA might vote on 40 Trinity now, meaning the development is effectively on hold. Building in Boston.
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