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Upstairs, Downstairs at JP's Redone 83 Elm Street

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The 6,330-square-foot Victorian at 83 Elm Street in Jamaica Plain last traded way back in April 2002 for $382,500. It was dusted off, done over, and (in our opinion) done right. The pre-Civil War property with six bedrooms and four and a half bathrooms now includes a 3-BR apartment, for the new owner to play landlord or benevolent in-law, as well as a finished basement with solarium and sauna. In general, the house gives off a self-consciously funky elegance (like, check out the carpeting on the stairs and upstairs hallway or the kitchen, good god!). What might one have to pay to indulge it?

The 16-room spread hit the sales market Thursday through Prudential Unlimited for a cool $2,995,000. Get.
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