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No Parking: Boston Green-Lights Car-Less Condo

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Wowza! Everyone's favorite rubber stamp, the Boston Redevelopment Authority, approved a major change to the Lovejoy Wharf condo project that could have far-reaching implications for the city. What's the change? The 175-unit project at 131 Beverly Street will not have any on-site parking.

Recall that in September developer Related Beal asked for the BRA to approve a revised plan for the residential component of Lovejoy Wharf: 175 condos instead of a few hundred apartments; and, please, let us eliminate the 315-space garage. The developers' logic? There's so much public transit nearby and the project's smackdab in one of the nation's most walkable (and bikable) cities that it's sheer cloud cuckoo land to follow the Boston regs of at least one parking spot for every two housing units.

The revised plan was met with disbelief in some quarters, with cynicism in others. Some said it was merely a ploy to save a few mill on the development; others said there was no way in hell that luxury condo owners were going to hop on the T. And so the plan sat. Until the BRA's meeting on Thursday, when downtown Boston's first big-time parking-less condo received unanimous assent. Bring it.
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131 Beverly Street

131 Beverly , Boston, MA