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10 Percent-Plus of Millennium Place Condos Up for Rent

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About three weeks ago, there appeared to be at least 17 condos in the 256-unit complex on the rental market. Now, as of this weekend, it looks like the total is at least 26, including two five-figure newcomers: a 3-BR, 2-BA asking $11,500 and a 2-BR, 2-BA asking $10,000.

What might this mean for the supposedly game-change-y condo complex, which opened in October to much hopeful fanfare? More to the point, what might it mean to the surrounding area it was supposed to help game-change? After all, a big conceit of Millennium Place—as well as its bigger twin, Millennium Tower, which is under construction nearby—is that both will draw homeowners to an area that traditionally shuts down after 5 PM, the sort of residents who will take a long-term, vested interest in seeing the area revitalized.

Will dozens of tenants take the same long-term view? Conventional wisdom holds that they will not, that you need owners for neighborhood change you can believe in. Stay tuned.
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Millennium Place

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