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Priciest Summer Rental; Nantucket's First Whale; More!

It's now time for the weekly word from the sunniest blog in New England, Curbed Cape Cod!

CAPE & ISLANDS—Lots of changes to our map of the 20 most expensive listings since the stay-ahead-of-the-tax-man home sales surge of December.
NANTUCKET—Here now, the first real estate whale of Nantucket, Joseph Starbuck (no relation, that we know of, to the coffee chain or the Battlestar Galactica character, but likely known to Herman Melville). Appropriately, he was a whaling merchant and, for our purposes, a real estate baller. This way to Main Street.
MARTHA'S VINEYARD—We're off to Edgartown for this week's Pricespotter (above). Any idea how much the priciest summer rental on the Vineyard goes for? This way to play our asking price guessing game!
CAPE COD—In time for Super Bowl Sunday, this week's Curbed Comparisons is checking out five listings with home theaters. Some have conveniently located bars and wine cellars, perfect for Pats fans to drown their sorrows.