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Will Secretary Kerry Sell Louisburg Square Manse?

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John Kerry today becomes the nation's top diplomat, which requires him to live in an airplane for the next four years. So we thought it was as good a morning as any to speculate wildly about whether he and wife Teresa Heinz will sell their gorgeous townhouse on Beacon Hill's Louisburg Square.

The couple bought the 9,178-square-foot, 5-BR, 7-BA corner townhouse at 19 Louisburg Square for $1,703,000 in January 1995, the same year they married (some sources place the square footage at 9,798). Here's the thing (well, two things, really):

· It is now assessed at about four times that amount, around $7,000,000.
· There have been some titanic sales on Louisburg Square of late. In August 2011, No. 20, the 7,674-square-foot manse just across the square, traded for $11,500,000; and, less than a year later, the 6,570-square-foot 3 Louisburg Square went for $11,000,000 even.

Not that the Kerrys need the money, but now would be a good time to be a seller in this particular sliver of the Hub. Especially if you're not going to be home much anyway in the next few years.
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