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New Fort Point Plan Stands Athwart Micro-Apartment Craze

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The construction continues unabated in the Hub's No. 1 Neighborhood. Next up: the conversion of old Fort Point warehouses at 319 A Street and 327-337 Summer Street into offices and apartments. And not just any apartments!

Southie residents in the past have had, shall we say, an interesting relationship with apartment proposals that did not include any units bigger than two-bedrooms. As one resident put it during last spring's rancor over 2 H Street, with its 135 apartments all smaller than three-bedrooms: "My concern is there are going be an additional 200 people [in the neighborhood]. That's a lot of people coming through where we live. We've all been 21 and 22, but the noise is a concern." In other words, where were the family-size units in a traditionally family-oriented residential area? Sure, Southie was changing forever, but did that have to mean every new development targeted micro-apartment-dwelling techies?

The proposal for 319 A Street (not to be confused with 319 A Street Rear, another new project) attempts to answer this question in the negative. Some of its 18 units will be three-bedrooms, per Casey Ross in The Globe, and the rest two-bedrooms. The developer, Goldman Sachs affiliate the Archon Group, which has already been active in the Fort Point area, hopes to start construction in the next six months.

As for 327 and 337 Summer Street, those would remain offices, with a two-story rooftop addition planned for both addresses—though there's an alternate filing with the Boston Redevelopment Authority for 92 new residences instead. After all, this is Southie in 2013. Things can change.
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