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That Hotel at 275 Albany in the South End?

Scratch that.

The lot at 275 Albany Street in the northeast corner of the South End began its developmental life as a plan for a 408-room hotel over two buildings. Then developer Normandy Real Estate Partners said the market couldn't support one of that size. So it kind of disappeared into a haze of rumors and expectations, overshadowed by its more ambitious neighbor, the Ink Block, what with its 470-plus apartments and 50,000-square-foot Whole Foods. Then! The project re-emerged as two buildings, one with 220 apartments and one with 325 hotel rooms.

Now! Per Greg Turner at The Herald, the hotel portion is out and 275 Albany is to be (pending city approval) a twin-building project of up to 380 apartments with a parking garage in between. The buildings will be 11 and 19 stories, with restaurants a real possibility on the ground floors. It's not entirely clear the size of the apartments, though Normandy brought in Portland, Ore.-based Gerding Edlen to devise the interiors. The firm is very much a worshiper in the church of smaller-side live-work housing, a doctrine it has brought to another new Boston project (there's so many!) on A Street in Fort Point. Stay tuned.
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275 Albany Street

275 Albany Street, Boston, MA