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Getting Somebody to Love 90 Raymond Street

The tag on this 5,009-square-foot beaut in Cambridge's Neighborhood Nine has been dropping rather steadily since it hit the market last September.

At that time, 90 Raymond Street was asking $2,950,000. Then, in November, the tag dropped to $2,785,000. And it's now settled at $2,650,000 after a chop of $135,000. The house is no slouch: a capacious 4-BR, 4.5-BA, with a fireplace in the master suite (where the bathroom's floor is heated to boot) as well as a room just for exercising, should you decide so. Ninety Raymond last traded in September 2001 for $1,300,000. Will it get anywhere near that prelapsarian price again? Stay tuned.

90 Raymond Street

90 Raymond Street, Cambridge, MA