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Underground Bomb Shelter on Francis Ave.; More!

MID-CAMBRIDGE—Here's a few more details on the fabulous house at 30 Francis Avenue that used to belong to economist John Kenneth Galbraith, via an article on its current tenants: "Gaiman led a small group on an impromptu tour of the basement. The highlight, at least for us, was the underground bomb shelter, which is filled these days with books and records, and a hidden hot tub and sauna, whose benches clearly were designed to accommodate Galbraith's 6-foot-8 frame." []
MASS.-WIDE—Federal assistance for heating oil is tapped: "The group ABCD, who helps connect those in need with fuel assistance, says all 5,000 of their customers in Boston who use home heating oil have used up their benefits this winter. Across the state 50,000 households are in the same predicament." [WBZ]