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Milford Casino Ace; Boston Sea Levels; Busy Builder; More!

BOSTON—AvalonBay is a particularly busy apartment-builder in a city chock-full of 'em: "[Forty-five Stuart Street] means the busy builder should have three construction projects going simultaneously in three different parts of the city later this year. The 503-unit Nashua Street tower by the TD Garden will likely break ground by the fall, and the 187-unit Avalon Exeter project at the Prudential complex is already well under way." [Herald]
MILFORD—Scott Butera has worked in gaming on behalf of Trump and Tropicana: "As chief executive of Foxwoods, Butera has overseen the restructuring of more than $2 billion in debt. But Butera has never built a casino from scratch, as he hopes to do on a 177-acre tract off Interstate 495 in Milford." [Globe]
BOSTON—Superstorm Sandy and the Blizzard of '13 have the city moving faster on climate change: "In the next six months, the Boston Conservation Commission will develop new flood-plain maps to take in to account future storm surges atop higher sea levels. A wetlands ordinance will also help guide property owners to prepare for higher sea levels, said Brian Swett, chief of Environment and Energy for the city." [Globe]
CHELSEA—Thoroughly unlikable ex-Chelsea Housing Authority chief Michael McLaughlin is cutting a deal to perhaps escape the slammer: "McLaughlin will plead guilty Tuesday to four counts of deliberately concealing his ­inflated salary from state and federal regulators from 2008 until he was forced to resign in 2011, when it reached $360,000, according to an agreement filed in federal court Friday." [Globe]