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Etiquette Guide for the T; Argument for Downtown Sales

HUB-WIDE—There is a delightfully earnest MBTA Etiquette Handbook out there: "Conversation is generally discouraged. People use the train to get work done, read, listen to music, play games on their phone, nap, etc. Always err on the assumption that whoever is sitting next to you does not want to talk to you. This is not necessarily because of noise (although that is a factor), but because you could ruin someone's train ride by talking to them the whole time. If you must make small talk, learn to take a hint and shut it after a few seconds of silence." [Third String Catcher]
DOWNTOWN—Erin Barry lists several reasons why it's a good time to house-hunt in Boston proper: "Millennium Place is the only condo development currently under construction to feed the need for inventory, thus strong demand for inventory must be met by re-sales..." [Back Bay Charm]

Millennium Place

580 Washington St, Boston, MA 02111