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Tom Brady, Gisele Bundchen Finally Bound for Brookline

The Hub's It couple has inched that much closer to being able to build a new estate on 5.2 acres in Brookline's slice of Chestnut Hill. After three delays since Thanksgiving to address what it called "neighborhood questions," the Brookline Zoning Board on Thursday night plans to hear out Pine Manor College about its sale of the land near Woodland Road and Heath Street to Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen.

The couple, per Laura Raposa at The Herald, want to build a 7,465-square-foot main house; a 1,675-square-foot cottage for the help; and a 1,342-square-foot yoga studio (which will also be known, ironically, we guess, as a "barn"). Currently, Brookline has a 150-square-foot limit on so-called accessory buildings like said barn, so Brady and Bundchen would need a waiver. They already have the blessing of would-be neighbors Robert Kraft, the principal owner of the Patriots, and his son Jonathan.

Ever since they unloaded their Back Bay penthouse for $9,200,000 last summer, speculation has swirled over where they couple might live if they might live in the Boston area (they have been renting the penthouse and recently completed a mammoth L.A. redoubt, complete with a moat). The speculation soon settled upon somewhere in Brookline. Where it remains. Stay tuned.

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310 Beacon Street

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