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10 Things Cheaper Than a Boston Micro-Apartment's Rent

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In light of the news that a 600-square-foot apartment in a converted Fort Point shoe factory is asking $2,299 a month, we thought we'd list other things you can get for that very amount—or for a lot less.
10. Three round-trip coach tickets from Boston to Dublin on US Airways two weekends from now.

9. A top-shelf, 241-pound snow plow (with about $400 leftover).

8. Sports masochist? Then tickets and limo service (plus meals) for you and nine of your friends to a Sox game this coming season. You'd have $499 leftover in this case.

7.The monthly payment for approximately $500,000 in financing for a Boston home purchase, based on current interest rates and a decent credit record.

6. The "Boston Breather" six-hour spa treatment at the Mandarin Oriental this weekend for you and two friends (with change to spare).

5. At least a dozen courtside club seats for Celtics games, depending on the dates.

4. Around 59 cases of the forthcoming Sam Adams in cans, based on the prices for the beer in bottles.

3. More than seven round-trip flights from Boston to Martha's Vineyard next month on Cape Air (plenty left over for cabs).

2. Tasty! About 287 dozen Dunkin Donuts.

1. The monthly rent as of January on just about half of the apartments in downtown Boston.
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