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Mass. Brokers' Confidence; Somerville Shoveling; More!

BOSTON—The new VH1 show Wicked Single, the trailer for which is above, looks almost unfathomably awful, like people who set out to ruin wedding receptions. [h/t BostInno]
MASS.-WIDE—The state's real estate brokers are pumped: "Last month, the Market Confidence Index was 65, nearly double the January 2012 score of 31. This is the 18th straight month of year-over-year increases, as home sales and buyer confidence have risen over the last year." [Biz Journal]
SOMERVILLE—Maybe other municipalities will take note post-storm this weekend? "The City of Somerville is seeking volunteers aged 18 and older to assist senior citizens and residents with disabilities with snow shoveling this winter, and accepting applications for residents needing assistance with shoveling." [Patch]
BRIGHTON—The relocation of the Charlesview Residences affordable housing project is apparently right on schedule: "The first tenants of the new complex are expected to take occupancy in phases starting in June 2013, with the final residents in place by the end of August." [Construction Today]