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Late-Night T Trains; JFK Birthplace Report; More!

COOLIDGE CORNER—The National Park Service will issue a report next month detailing the evolution of John F. Kennedy's boyhood neighborhood in Brookline, including 83 Beals Street, where the 35th president was born: "The report talks about the appearance of the property and neighborhood when JFK was born in 1917. It also details the period in the 1960s when the Kennedy family refurbished the house before donating it to the National Park Service." []
HUB-WIDE—Those hopes for late-night T service? Curb them a bit: "MBTA spokesman Joe Pesaturo said until the state implements Gov. Deval Patrick's recent 21st Century Plan transportation budget roll out, late night service is out of the question. 'Given the enormous strain on the MBTA's limited resources, the Authority cannot even consider an extension of service hours before action is taken on the 21st Century Transportation Plan,' Pesaturo wrote in an email." [Patch]
EAST CAMBRIDGE—In the ongoing tech arms race, Cambridge is mulling the idea of requiring developers to set aside 5 percent of new commercial buildings for "startup innovation space": "Exactly what is that? It's office space that can be rented in very small increments—perhaps a desk or a 200-square foot office—on a monthly basis, with shared resources like printers, kitchens, and conference rooms." [Globe]

Kendall Square

Kendall Square, Cambridge, MA