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Brookline's $8.4M Balemor Estate: Plenty of Spa, Storage

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As part of Whale Week 2013 last week we ran down 10 Hub whales beyond Boston: mega-listings that, in their respective towns and cities, are the biggest and/or the brassiest. One of these undoubtedly is the Balemor Estate at 1014 Boylston Street in Brookline (we said it needed a name with "abbey" or "manor" in it, but it had one with "estate" already, apparently). Check out the floorplans for its four levels above, and note in particular the wine cellar next to the laundry in the lower level—convenient.

Dating from the tail end of the Jazz Age, Balemor unfolds over more than 2 acres and includes a manse of 9,715 square feet, which in itself includes at least five bedrooms and 11 bathrooms of varying size. There's room for live-in help on that top floor and a spa, with spa garden, on the bottom level, and tons of storage, if the floorplans are any guide. Yours for $8,400,000 (after a price-chop of $500K on Jan. 26). Listed by Allison Mazer at Gibson Sotheby's, it last traded in July 2007 for $3,525,500. Not clear whether the Maserati in the listing photo of the exterior comes with the place. Probably not.
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