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Check Out Eastiehenge; Kendall Square Housing; More!

HUB-WIDE—Andy Woodruff of the fabulous Bostonography blog looks into local "henges," when the sun strikes through streets and makes everyone ohh and ahh: "Manhattan gets only a couple of 'henge' days each year, while in Boston the sun rises and sets straight over different streets on any number of dates." [Globe]
SOUTH BOSTON—We'd argue with departing state Senator John Hart if we could: "Hart highlighted his efforts to develop the South Boston waterfront. 'Sixteen years later, it's the hottest piece of real estate in the country, dubbed Boston's innovation district and home today to thousands of new jobs and tens of thousands of new jobs for people around the region a few years down the road...' []
EAST CAMBRIDGE—Different sides of the debate over Kendall Square have agreed on one thing: "Retailers joined with start-up entrepreneurs, city councilors and residents in calling for a shift from the office- and lab-heavy presence that dominated the square for the first half of the decade to more of a mixed-use development, and in particular, residential development." [Chronicle]

Kendall Square

Kendall Square, Cambridge, MA