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$5,200 Allston Apartment Listing Not Even Trying

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Want further proof it's indeed a landlord's market in Boston? Dig these listing photos from 7 Ashford Terrace, a house in Allston asking a very un-Allston $5,200 a month.

There's the collegially obligatory Belushi poster (in a room with an acoustic guitar plastered with stickers—extra points!). There are the overflowing recycling bins, including one crowned by an empty Pabst's case. And what looks like one of those maps-of-the-globe shower curtains (the 2,335-square-foot house has seven bedrooms and two baths). We've typed it once and we'll type it again: If you're not going to stage, take care. Though, given the Boston rental market, we have little doubt the house will find a tenant—or has already.
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