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Tavern Road Now Open; Boston Wins on Top Chef

And, now, some filling victuals from Eater Boston!

[Photos: Rachel Leah Blumenthal]

FORT POINT—Cut another notch on the restaurant hotness stick for Fort Point thanks to the Monday opening of Tavern Road, by the fabulous DiBiccari brothers. Here's five things you should know about it and here's a look inside the handsome space plus more details.

ALLSTON—Allston is such a great part of town for diverse eating options, but there just aren't any good chocoweggli rolls or pajazzo loaves. Not anymore! Swissbäkers Bakery and Cafe has changed all that.

SOUTH END—Things didn't look good for Boston's own chef Kristen Kish after she was eliminated from Top Chef: Seattle. But then she won!

FINANCIAL DISTRICT—Yes, the lease at chef Michael Schlow's flagship restaurant Radius is up in July, and yes it doesn't look like it will be renewed. But Schlow says that doesn't mean this is the end.