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These Porter Square Ceiling Heights Make Perfect Sense

See, the building at 75 Richdale Avenue in Cambridge's Neighborhood Nine used to be an elevator-manufacturing hub (seriously).

This 2,237-square-foot loft in the Payne Project Condominium, the result of a 1994 conversion of the 19th-century factory building, is dominated by 30-foot-plus ceilings and gobs of natural light. There is that whiff of high-school gym (or conference center) in the interior rooms, however, though the chef's kitchen upstairs seems to cancel it out. The loft, which has two full baths, is asking $925,000—interestingly enough, the same sales price it garnered in February 2004.
· Listing: 75 Richdale Avenue, #5 [Zillow]

Porter Square

1899 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA 02140

75 Richdale Avenue

75 Richdale Avenue, Cambridge, MA