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Harvard's Allston O.K.; Northern Avenue Bridge Idea; More!

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WATERFRONT—Jonathan Berk has an idea for the Northern Avenue Bridge: "What I propose, is something akin to a bridge designed in the 1300s to span a river splitting the city of Florence, Italy right down the middle. The Ponte Vecchio [pictured] is one of the more beautiful sites in all of Italy and any tourist who has been to Florence has walked across, taken a picture on, or stood near the banks of the Arno River and taken it all in at sunset." [Jonathan Berk]
ALLSTON—The city on Thursday night O.K.'d a key move by Harvard that will allow the university and its development partner to move forward with plans for 325 apartments and tens of thousands of square feet of retail at Barry's Corner. [Harvard]
NORTH END—Hard to ignore the significance for real estate/demographics of the city's decision to open another school in the area: "The purchase of 585 Commercial Street would bring the total number of elementary and K-8 schools in the vicinity of the downtown to five, covering a swath of the city that extends through the North End, Chinatown, and the South End." []

28 Travis Street

28 Travis Street, Boston, MA