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Park It! Allston's 37 North Beacon O.K.'d with Spaces

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Here are the details about 37 North Beacon Street in Allston, which the city has O.K.'d for development: five floors; 41 apartments with porches; of the 41, nine will be studios, 15 one-bedrooms, 15 two-bedrooms and two three-bedrooms; the units on the fourth floor will be duplexes; two bike spots per each unit; and 35 parking spaces.

Recall that the developer, Sebastian Mariscal of Sebastian Mariscal Studio, wanted to build 37 North Beacon without any parking, making it a revolutionary first in Boston. Boston—and several residents in the area—said idle your engines; and 37 North Beacon was approved by the Boston Redevelopment Authority late last week without the no-parking. The parking will be underground (which allows for the porches on the housing units).

Lest you think that Mariscal didn't get any of his environmentally friendly desires, the complex does have its share of greenery: a storm water retention system, a centralized garden space, photovoltaic roof panels, and rooftop vegetable gardens.
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37 North Beacon Street

37 North Beacon Street, Boston, MA