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Boston's Bright Idea to Dim Energy Use at Mission Hill Site

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You can almost feel the energy (or lack of it). Proposals have begun coming into the city to build a super-duper, energy-efficient development of dozens of residences on a 1.3-acre site in Mission Hill.

The idea's simple, really, yet profound (at least for Boston): the development would create more power than it needs. It would be, as The Globe's Matt Rocheleau puts it, "energy positive," meaning "that through the use of solar panels and other sustainable building elements, they actually generate more energy than the occupants consume. The excess power can then be sold back to the electric company to further reduce utility costs." Win, win, win, right?

Totally. The Mission Hill site, at Parker and Terrace streets, is about a half-mile from the city's first energy-positive project: a four-townhouse development on Highland Street in Roxbury. Construction on that started in the fall and should be done by the end of 2013. The Mission Hill bids are due by mid-June. Bring it.
· Boston Seeks Bids for Green Housing Project [Globe]